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Welcome to Currency Wiki!
Banknotes and coins

Hello TheMaster001, and welcome to Currency Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the User talk:Dser page! There's a lot of stuff to do around here, so the community hopes you will stay with us and make more contributions.

  • For individuals who know wiki text, look at the Style guide to see how Currency Wiki is setup.
  • To see what you can work on, see Wiki Activity to start contributing.
  • If you need help please ask on the forums.
  • If you are a bilingual user or speak another language, you are welcome to create a version in a different language.

If you need any additional help, just leave a message on my talk page or any of the sysop's talk pages. We'd be glad to help you out!

Dser (talk) 14:11, September 10, 2013 (UTC)

Re: Excuse me Edit

Hello, TheMaster001, you have new messages at my talkpage.
Please reply there. Feel free to delete this template once you've read it.

Image Edit

Hello again,

I can't believe I didn't notice this until now, but a few weeks ago you uploaded an image of an Italian 50 lira coin to the wiki. I'm assuming the image is your own work based on the metadata, but if you could verify this it would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I'd recommend reading through the image policy to learn some of the requirements and restrictions to uploading files here, and how they should be formatted when they are uploaded. :)

--Dser Bc · A (talk | email) 23:41, 09/23/13

A few things Edit

Hello again. I was looking through your recent revisions of the Italian lira article, and am glad to see you included some more information concerning the currency. However, next time you use text directly from Wikipedia on a page could you please add {{Wikipedia}} to the top of the page as I did here? It is simply a way for us to keep track of which pages contain copied text and to attribute the original source and authors of the text. :)

Also, in the list of related currencies you added, you included links to articles for Ljubljana lira and Trieste lira currencies. I've never heard of either, so I'm a bit curious. Are they local currencies that are currently being used, historical currencies that were once issued in Ljubljana and Trieste, or fantasy currencies that are only intended for collectors?

--Dser Bc · A (talk | email) 22:53, 02/05/14

Maldivian coins Edit

Hello again,

I was looking through the list of coins and notes you own, and I can see you've amassed an impressive collection of currency. :) The Maldivian coins are particularly interesting to me, because I have yet to actually see currency from the Maldives in person. If it isn't too much of an inconvenience, could you upload a picture of both sides of your 1 rufiyaa coin for that coin's article? Also, once articles for the other Maldivian coins in your collection have been created, would you okay with uploading some pictures of them?

Cheers! --Dser Bc · A (talk | email) 03:29, 07/19/14

Okay, no rush. Enjoy your trip to Antigua! :) --Dser Bc · A (talk | email) 15:00, 07/19/14

New message Edit

Hello, TheMaster001, you have new messages at my talkpage.
Please reply there. Feel free to delete this template once you've read it.

Unidentified coin Edit

Hey. I noticed you wrote on your collection page that you have "an unidentified really old coin." If you're interested, I could probably help you ID it :) . Regards, --Dser Bc · A (talk | email) 21:45, 09/02/14

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