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Welcome to Currency Wiki!
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Hello TheWWC, and welcome to Currency Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the User blog:Dser/Coming Soon: Currency Wiki on YouTube page! There's a lot of stuff to do around here, so the community hopes you will stay with us and make more contributions.

  • For individuals who know wiki text, look at the Style guide to see how Currency Wiki is setup.
  • To see what you can work on, see Wiki Activity to start contributing.
  • If you need help please ask on the forums.
  • If you are a bilingual user or speak another language, you are welcome to create a version in a different language.

If you need any additional help, just leave a message on my talk page or any of the sysop's talk pages. We'd be glad to help you out!

  Dser  email · talk  21:04, 6/4/2012  

Re: Currency Proposition[edit source]

Hello, TheWWC, you have new messages at my talkpage.
Please reply there. Feel free to delete this template once you've read it.

List of coins[edit source]

Hey Steve. Sorry I took so long to get this to you. Here is my list of current and former circulation coins featuring amphibians and reptiles. I didn't include any gold or silver non-circulating commemoratives, but I posted links to sites that have some of those listed.

If you know of any coins I missed, please let me know. :) --Dser Bc · A (talk | email) 00:45, 08/07/18

Re: Bank Notes[edit source]

Hey Steve. I started working on a list of banknotes last night, but am still working on it. For convenience, I'm adding them to the same document. I'll let you know when I'm done with the list. :) --Dser Bc · A (talk | email) 14:16, 08/19/18

Hey Steve. All of the banknotes I could think of or I found that feature amphibians or reptiles are now listed in the document. It's possible I might have missed some, so if you know of any notes that aren't listed, please let me know. :) --Dser Bc · A (talk | email) 14:57, 08/25/18
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