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5000 lire
General information

Flag of the Vatican City Vatican City


5000.00 lire



Measurements and composition

18 g


32 mm








reeded and plain


Pope John Paul II praying


Jesus, Holy Spirit, value

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The 5000 lire coin is a coin that was issued by the Vatican City in 2001, during the papacy of Pope John Paul II (1920–2005; r. 1978–2005). It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a Christian religious belief that Jesus returned to bodily life on the Sunday following the Friday he was crucified.

The coin is composed of .8349 fine silver, and has a mass of 18 grams and a diameter of 32 millimeters. Its edge is alternatively reeded and plain, and like most coins, it is round in shape. The coin was designed by Floriano Bodini (1933–2005), an Italian sculptor who also created the dies for other Vatican coins, and Roberto Mauri (1949–), another Italian artist known for his work on Italian, Sammarinese, and Vatican coinage. Featured on the obverse is an image of Pope John Paul II in papal vestments, kneeling and praying while holding a globus cruciger, an orb topped with a cross, near his face. Inside a circle next to his depiction is what appears to be an angel holding a gleaming object. "IOANNES PAVLVS II P.M.", a shortened form of the Latin title Ioannes Paulus II Pontifex Maximus, which translates to English as "Pope John Paul II", is written along the coin's upper and right rims, starting near the angel in the circle and ending near the feet of the pope. Directly underneath the depiction of John Paul II is the letter "A" (standing for the Latin word annum, meaning "year"), followed by the regnal (23) and Gregorian (2001) dates written in Roman numerals, respectively as "XXIII" and "MMI". An image of a haloed Jesus walking out of his tomb and holding a globus cruciger in his left hand (at the right) is shown on the reverse, with the Holy Spirit shown above in the form of a dove. Engraved into one of the stones of the tomb is Bodini's signature in lowercase letters, and inscribed into another is Mauri's signature in capital letters. The value "L5000" is printed at the left side of the coin, partially superimposed over the stone with Bodini's signature. The Italian state title "CITTÁ del VATICANO" (English: "Vatican City") is inscribed around the coin's upper rim, and is interrupted between the word "DEL" and "VATICANO" by the illustration. A stylized "R" representing Rome is shown at the right side of the coin.

The coin was minted at Rome with a maximum mintage of 16,000. It was offered in uncirculated and proof qualities.


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