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50 pfennig
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Flag of the German Empire German Empire
Wappen Wasserburg am Inn Wasserburg am Inn


0.50 mark



Measurements and composition

2.73 g


23.7 mm


1.09 mm








Motto, issuing authority, year


Value, statement

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The 50 pfennig coin is a Notgeld piece that was issued in 1917, during World War I, by Wasserburg am Inn, a German town in what was then the Kingdom of Bavaria. It was produced and distributed under authority of the city's Royal District Office. Prior to the coin's demonetization six months after the war, it had a face value equivalent to 0.50 mark; however, as a de facto token, it only had value in Wasserburg am Inn.

The coin is composed of zinc and has a mass of 2.73 grams, a diameter of 23.7 millimeters, and a thickness of 1.09 millimeters. It has a plain edge, and like most coins, is round in shape. Featured in the center of the obverse is an isosceles triangle with its tip facing downward. Inside is the German word "HALTEN" (English: "hold" or "maintain") with a decorative design above it, both the design and word separating each of the angles of the triangle. At the left side of the triangle is the word "AUS" (English: "from"), at the base is "DURCH" (English: "by"), and at the right side is "MAUL" (English: "mouth"), with each flanked by ornate boundaries. When combined with the center "HALTEN", the German motto aushalten, durchhalten, Maul halten (English: "Endure, Persevere, be Quiet") is formed. All of the aforementioned elements are enclosed within a solid circular border. Written outside of this boundary is the legend "K.BEZIRKSAMT WASSERBURG", an abbreviation of Königliche Bezirksamt Wasserburg, which translates as "Royal District Office of Wasserburg". This clockwise-traveling text commences at the lower left rim of the piece, arches downward at the top, and concludes at the bottom right periphery. A five-pointed star is present at the top of the coin, which interrupts the text between "K.BEZIRKSAMT" and "WASSERBURG". Printed along the remainder of the rim is the counterclockwise-written date "1917", which is separated from the text around the rim by two five-pointed stars. The numeral "50", representing the coin's value of 50 pfennigs, is engraved in the middle of the reverse. Written along the rim of the piece is the text "GILTIG BIS 6 MONAT NACH FRIEDENSSCHLUSS", which translates as "Valid until 6 months after final peace", the "final peace" referring to the end of World War I. Such an inscription starts in an upward direction to the left of a five-pointed star at the bottom of the coin and continues along the rim until ending to the right of the star.


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