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This article is about the circulation coin of the Republic of Yemen (1990–). For other Yemeni coins denominated at 1 rial, see Yemeni 1 rial coin (disambiguation).
Yemen 1 rial 1993
General information

Flag of Yemen Yemen


1.00 rial


1993 (AH1414)

Measurements and composition

2.65 g


19.95 mm


1.5 mm


stainless steel


icosihenagonal (21-sided)






Emblem of Yemen


Bank title, value, year

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The 1 rial/riyal coin is a circulation piece of the Republic of Yemen. It was issued in a single type by the Central Bank of Yemen in 1993. While the piece currently holds the status of legal tender, it no longer circulates frequently due to its low face value of 1.00 Yemeni rial.

The coin is composed of stainless steel and measures 2.65 grams in mass, 19.95 millimeters in diameter, and 1.5 millimeters in thickness. It has medallic alignment; raised, undecorated rims; and a plain edge, and is icosihenagonal (21-sided) in shape.

The coin's designs are very similar to those of the final 1 rial piece of the Yemen Arab Republic, which was issued from 1971 to early 1993. Featured in the center of the obverse is the emblem of Yemen – which consists of an eagle with a shield on its breast containing a coffee plant, the Marib Dam, and seven wavy lines. It is supported on both sides by a Yemeni flag, and is accompanied below by a scroll bearing the Arabic name of the Republic of Yemen, "الجمهورية اليمنية" (Romanized: al-Jumhūrīyah al-Yamanīyah).

Engraved on two lines in the middle of the coin's reverse, inside a solid circular border, is the face value "ريال ١‎" (1 Riyāl), with the numeral "١" written in significantly larger print than the word "ريال" (Riyāl). Inscribed in a counterclockwise direction from the piece's right to left rims, outside the aforementioned border, is a stylized rendering of the Arabic name of the Central Bank of Yemen, "البنك المركزي اليمني" (al-Bank al-Markaziyy al-Yamaníyyun). The Islamic date of minting, written in Eastern Arabic numerals as "١٤١٤" (1414), appears at the bottom of the obverse along with its Gregorian equivalent, "١٩٩٣" (1993). Both dates are separated from each other by a small dash, and separated from the name of the Central Bank of Yemen by lines extending from the coin's rim to the border encircling the value.

The total mintage of the 1 rial coin is currently unknown. Only business strikes are reported to have been produced.


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